About us

Here at Friendly Boston Terrier Puppies , We have Boston Terrier Puppies of all sizes.

We live on 9 beautiful acres where we raise our kids, horses and dogs. We have been showing, breeding, training, judging and loving miniature puppies for the last 10 years. Our name Friendly Boston Terrier Puppies Home actually came from the name of one of our nationally ranked beloved miniature show puppies.

Our puppies are born in our home and are well socialized with other dogs, cats and children. We strive to breed healthy, happy & beautiful dogs. Our Boston Terrier Puppies are a wide range of colors including brown, cream, cream sable, cream parti, chocolate & tan parti, beaver (chocolate dilute), black, orange and orange sable Boston Terrier adults and puppies.

Our adults are happy and healthy. They each have an annual well visit with our vet and are always kept up to date on all necessary vaccinations and worming along with monthly preventative treatments for heart worms, and Frontline for flea and tick prevention